Residenza il Torrino


bnb daria monticchiello
bnb daria monticchiello

Do you want to experience a stay that is comfortable, relaxing and at the same time authentic and charming? There is a truly unique place to stay in Val d’Orcia that will inspire excitement: Il Torrino Residence.
Those arriving in Monticchiello are immediately struck by the village gate with the medieval walls and the small tower overlooking a breathtaking landscape. This is precisely where you find Il Torrino, the place where you will live an incredible experience of beauty, relaxation, and the charm of ancient memory.
Il Torrino has watched over the Val d’Orcia since ancient times, and within its walls there is a magical atmosphere. Over the centuries, the Torrino has retained its original structure. From the window overlooking the romantic profile of Pienza and Val d’Orcia, you will feel like going back in the Middle Ages with today’s comforts. Il Torrino is a residence of great charm, suitable for couples or a small family. It is a special place in a wonderful land for your dream vacation.