Bagni San Filippo

These free thermal baths are called, in common language, “White Whale”, due to the monumental limestone formation that the thermal waters, flowing for tens of thousands of years, have sedimented along the course of the river. The enormous limestone boulder, both for its rounded shapes and for the white color typical of limestone rocks, closely resembles how, in the popular imagination, Melville’s famous Moby Dick is represented, that is, the White Whale from which today these Free bathrooms are named after them. The free baths are located along the Fosso Bianco river, a few steps from the paid spa center of Bagni di San Filippo. Address: Fosso Bianco – 53023 33 Via Del Bollore Ground Floor Internal 5 (SI) Once you arrive in the town of Bagni San Filippo, you should have no problems reaching the public toilets. All you have to do is park on the branch of Provincial Road 61 that crosses the town and, once you have left the car, go up the river for a hundred meters, on a well-trodden path.


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